RIAD is the International Association of Legal Protection Insurers and was founded in 1969 in Rome as “Rencontres Internationales des Assureurs Défense” in order to promote, as an independent organisation, the interests of specialists in legal protection of 8 European countries. Since then, the Association has grown considerably and represents today more than 50 undertakings from 18 European countries, Canada, South Africa and Japan. RIAD Members carry on specialised services in the area of legal protection insurance, in particular providing legal advice, representing insured persons out-of-court as well as in-court, and bearing the costs of legal proceeding. They generate premium income of over €3.27bn and as facilitators of access to law and justice contribute to the welfare of its insureds.

RIAD’s mission:

RIAD, the association of legal protection insurers and service providers, is committed to promote via its global members easy, affordable and high quality access to justice and the law.

RIAD Members:

  • RIAD members are specialised in providing insurance and/ or services in support of enforcing and defending individual legal rights:

    • they provide their customers with the necessary resources to access high quality and readily available legal advice and services,
    • they effectively shield customers from financial risks associated with the cost of enlisting legal professionals and accessing the justice system

  • RIAD members give customers the highest quality of services enabling effective legal protection.
  • RIAD members are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics as laid down in the association’s Code of Conduct.

RIAD Brand Essence:

RIAD is an association of legal protection insurers and service providers who apply a rigorous code of conduct in delivering their services.

RIAD’s means to achieve this are:

Adopting a stance with regard to legislative initiatives concerning the industry.

RIAD attentively monitors initiatives at International, European as well as national levels which might impact legal protection insurers and, as spokesperson for the industry, pronounces its Members’ position. In the regulatory process, in order to promote and defend its Members’ point of views, RIAD actively cooperates with international authorities and organisations, consumer protection associations and professional unions and makes its know-how and expertise available.

Providing relevant information for members and interested parties.

The Association provides for its members and third parties information to make known relevant developments on all levels, to spread the knowledge about the activity of legal protection insurance companies in society and to allow an effective representation of the industry’s interests. In this respect RIAD sees itself as a contact point for institutions, politicians, supervisory authorities, other stakeholders and representative bodies. The hosting of annual conventions provides a platform for regular contacts between all interested parties to follow-up topical issues and to promote affordable and high quality access to justice and the law.

Reinforcing the industry‘s voice and standing.

RIAD Members give customers the highest quality of services enabling effective legal protection. In order to establish the highest standards of professional ethics and to satisfy customers’ needs, RIAD Members have agreed on a Code of Conduct. With a view to strengthening legal protection insurance and the Association’s representative power, RIAD promotes these standards and constantly tries to win new members.