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International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners – ICDPPC

RIAD Side Event - 23 October 2018 - 14.30 - Belvue, Place des Palais 7, Brussels


Digitalisation has an impact on all areas of life, all over the world and for everyone. This development leads to an increased use of technologies, continuous processing of individual information and a rising interconnectivity of electronical systems which directly affect the safety and privacy of people’s data. In order to assure that institutions, public authorities and companies respect citizens’ fundamental rights to the protection of personal data and privacy when handling and processing personal information, legislation has been put in place. Besides safeguarding people’s rights, these laws, for example the EU General Data Protection Regulation, establish strict procedures and obligations for entities; non-compliance with these rules has severe consequences and is fined heavily. 

Legal protection insurers have developed products and services which, on one hand, protect private individuals if their data is being misused or targeted by illegal cyber-attacks. On the other hand, legal protection products provide support for companies, institutions and public bodies to comply with the complex and burdensome data protection regime. Legal protection insurance is still a fairly new insurance product which is not yet known in many countries. RIAD wants to explain how it works and give examples of its usefulness. 


Confirmed speakers: 

Antje Fedderke, RIAD Secretary General 

Meinoud Rost van Tonningen, Head of Marketing, DAS Rechtsbijstandverzekering (the Netherlands) 

Sascha Rein, Insurance Technology, Field of Business Standard, ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG (Germany)


You can find more information on the ICDPPC event here 




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