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RIAD thanks all participants for attending its high-level conference on mediation. With the transposition period of the EU Directive on mediation coming to an end in May 2011 and subsequent transformations within Member States our conference was on the pulse of times. In essence, for all delegates the potentials of mediation as a viable, effective and quick alternative form of solving disputes and obtaining justice emerged.

Several keynote speakers took the floor, among them Manon Schonewille, Avv. Federico Reggio PhD and Professor Dr. Ulla Gläßer, LL.M, provided an overview of mediation, underlined some of the challenges legal protection insurers have to address in order to enhance the use of mediation, stressed the importance of training mediators and of accreditation procedures to guarantee high quality mediation.

The panel session revealed possible ways of enhancing the use of mediation as well as the potential key role of legal protection insurers in promoting it.

Avv. Stefano Cardinale presented the ambitious Italian way of transposing the EU Directive, i.e. compulsory mediation, imbedded in a system of incentives and severe sanctions. Afterwards Professor Jean-François Roberge introduced the audience to the Canadian system, which has a very high percentage of dispute resolution through mediation.

A question and answer session showed delegates how alternative dispute resolutions are used by a Suisse and a Belgian company. While the Suisse company, ORION, has been promoting mediation over several years (e.g. Orion was the first legal protection insurance company in Switzerland to include mediation costs explicitly in the catalogue of insured benefits), EUROMEX, the Belgian company, uses different mediation techniques for amicable settlements of claims.

Three working group sessions gave participants the opportunity to discuss and exchange views. Discussions were very lively and informative and helped delegates to reflect on the content of the presentations and contribute actively to the issues raised.

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   Adrienne O' Sullivan
   Manon Schonewille
   Avv. Federico Reggio, PhD
   Avv. Stefano Cardinale, LL.M
   Prof. Jean-François Roberge (available also in French)
   Rainer Tögel (available also in German)
   Working group discussions (available also in French and in German)