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When the wind of change blows,
some people build walls,
others build windmills


InsurTech, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are reshaping the insurance landscape. Equally, consumer behaviour and expectations have been changing constantly over the past years.

The RIAD congress in Dublin gave an insight into what has been happening on the market, showed and discussed most recent data of InsurTech investments and innovations.

One of the highlights was the debate about an Ipsos survey on how consumers perceive legal issues and legal protection insurance.


Presentations and slides

The congress started by focusing on our customers, how their approach towards risks has been changing, and which protection they are looking for.

Kristian Myrseth made delegates understand how people – in particular young people – deal with risks and how they look at insurance. Angela Peacock showed how to think "out of the box" and get really ready to change.

In order to help the legal protection insurance industry to adapt to new technologies and better understand the challenges they involve, Gero Matouschek mapped the landscape of InsurTech and its impact on the business. It emerged that while InsurTech is certainly disruptive it holds big potential and provides leverage for growth. Yannis Samothrakis painted the future for legal protection insurance and demonstrated that technology opens new opportunities for legal protection insurers.

  • Angela Peacock - Global Thought-Leader in Diversity and Inclusion, Chair and founding partner, The People Development Team
    Unconscious bias


The workshops addressed the three main areas where legal protection insurers need to change. Below are the provocative questions and statements used to prompt the discussion.

Culture within your company – Does your internal DNA allow change?
Facilitator: Ward Hameryck, District Manager, Euromex

Communication/ connection with customers - Is it good enough?
Facilitator: Matthew Williams, Head of AmTrust Law, AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. (AFSI)

Insurers’ value proposition to customers – Do legal protection insurer offer what their customers want?
Facilitator: Nicolas Zavalichine, Head of Legal Protection Business Line, AXA Partners

Ipsos survey – Consumer perception of legal issues and legal protection insurance

RIAD asked Ipsos to research how consumer regard legal protection insurance and how they approach legal disputes. The survey was conducted in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland. In each country, 1000 persons were interviewed, representing the general population aged 18 and over.

The main results of the survey were presented during the congress and showed how consumers evaluate legal protection insurers, estimate the risk of being exposed to a legal dispute, and how they approach dispute resolution.