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Report: Determining Factors for Legal Protection Insurance

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RIAD becomes Legal Protection International aisbl

Our members are legal protection insurers and service providers in this field from 20 different countries on 4 continents. RIAD was founded as Rencontre Internationale des Assureurs Défense in 1969 and we are presently in transition to become Legal Protection International aisbl.

Over the past decades our organsiation has established important standards in the area of legal protection and as Legal Protection International aisbl we want to continue this tradition because we strongly believe that a good legal protection can change a life. Therefore, since legal protection is abstract, complex and not well known, we are determined to help our members to constantly improve their services and get better because everyone in the world deserves access to a good legal protection. Find out more: www.legalprotectioninternational.com

What is legal protection insurance?

Legal protection insurance helps you to enforce and protect your rights whether you are involved in a dispute or you need legal support. Legal protection insurance clients do not have to worry about the financial risk of having a legal dispute as their insurer will take care of everything. [more]

Survey: Legal Disputes and Risk Awareness of Europeans

A majority of European are prepared to pay for legal protection insurance in order to provide for the risk of being exposed to a legal dispute.


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