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Survey: Legal Disputes and Risk Awareness of Europeans

Conducted by Ipsos at the request of the International Association of Legal Protection Insurance (RIAD) on a sample of 8,000 Europeans (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Switzerland) the aim of this survey is to provide information regarding how consumers perceive legal risks and how they want to solve their legal disputes. [more] 

What is legal protection insurance?

Legal protection insurance helps you to enforce and protect your rights whether you are involved in a dispute or you need legal support. Legal protection insurance clients do not have to worry about the financial risk of having a legal dispute as their insurer will take care of everything. [more]

About RIAD

RIAD is the International Association of Legal Protection Insurers and service providers. It unites more than 50 insurance companies from 18 European Countries, Canada, South Africa and Japan. The association is committed to promote easy, affordable and high quality access to justice and the law. [more]