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Call for tender: addressed to students and graduates of film academies and art schools

Item: creation of a clip, length: maximum 90 seconds

Deadline: 17 September 2017

RIAD, the International Association of Legal Protection Insurances celebrates the 100th anniversary of legal protection insurance. We want to seize this opportunity to invite students and graduates of film academies and art schools to produce a clip which elaborates on this theme and presents the artist’s perception and ideas of the legal protection insurance product. From those submissions that reach us latest until Sunday, 17 September 2017, 24:00 the best will receive a prize money of €1,500.00, will be selected and presented at this year's congress of the Association on 5 & 6 October in Dublin. Subsequently, it will be made available on the Association’s website.

Preferably, the clips must be submitted via a link that can be shared and made available to the jury. The jury, consisting of a group of RIAD members, will pre-select the 10 best clips. Out of these pre-selected 10 clips, the delegates attending the RIAD Congress ‘Staying ahead of the game in legal protection Insurance’ (www.RIADCongress2017.com) will vote for the prize-winning clip, i.e. the clip which they think presents best the idea and conveys most adequately what legal protection insurance stands for. The clip is meant to reach and appeal to an international audience and should therefore be in English.

In addition to the winning clip, RIAD would like to exhibit on its website the other 9 clips which were pre-selected by the jury. This will only happen with the explicit and prior consent of the artists. The names and references to the respective universities will be mentioned on the RIAD webpage.


Selection criteria (equally weighted)

Deadline:      the clip must be submitted latest until Sunday, 17 September 2017, 24:00

Length:          the clip must not exceed 90 seconds

Language:     English

Technology: the artist is free to use any technology she or he prefers

Content:        reference to legal protection insurance. The artist should present his personal perception and reflect his vision of the
                        usefulness and relevance of legal protection insurance in the past, present, and the future in connection with the
                        theme ‘mobility’


Additional elements (optional): contemplations about the 100-years-existence of legal protection insurance, its relevance in every-day-life today and tomorrow, in particular in respect of the increasing mobility of people (e.g. car and air travel, car and house sharing etc.), risks associated with this (e.g. pedestrian hit by a bicycle, delayed airplanes or trains, no access to rented house etc.), and challenges of modern life (e.g. cyber risks). The role of legal protection insurance, such as offering policy holders expertise, support, and guidance through the legal jungle and the hardships of disputes.

Contact:      Antje Fedderke
                      RIAD Secretary General
                      Rue de l’Industrie 4
                      B-1000 Brussels
                      email: secretariat@riad-online.eu
                      Phone: +32 (0)2 732 36 28