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RIAD supports the e-Codex initiative

RIAD, the International Association of Legal Protection Insurance, supports the introduction of technology which assures that national judicial systems can work together effectively and safely. Responsibility for maintenance and further development must be centralised and the most secure option seems to be to give responsibility to an EU agency.
The introduction of binding rules at EU level to govern e-Codex can benefit from past experience in the participating Member States:
• to cooperate more efficiently and securely in cross-border criminal matters;
• to pursue cross-border civil claims more effectively, e.g. small claims or order for payments procedures;
• to avoid the parallel implementation of divergent technologies in the different Member States.

RIAD, the International Association of Legal Protection Insurance (www.riad-online.eu), is the only body worldwide representing the unique interests of legal protection insurers and of service providers in this field from Europe, Canada, South Africa and Japan. RIAD defends the interests and advocates the high potential of legal protection insurance as an easy, affordable and high-quality solution for access to justice and the law.